A daughter travels to remote Denmark to meet her biological father for the first time. A meeting fraught with tension and uncertainty. The script for this short movie has already garnered an Honorable Mention at the Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Awards 2023.

Director: Maureen Payne-Hahner

Cast: Annemette Andersen, Claus Bue

Writer: Fergal O'Byrne

Eyes Wide Open

She was caught smuggling human cornea through an airport. He has been chasing the international kingpin behind the human organ trafficking market. Now he gets to interrogate her and hopefully turn her into a spy for him.

Director: William Morgan
Cast: Mary Alexandra Woods, Peter Vollebregt


Hipsters create a constant array of millennial first-world problems for Michael, an older coffee shop owner, who on following his dreams, loses his wife and sanity, as political correctness and hypocrisy dominate his universe.

Season 1 of this show was broadcast on US cable channel PCEN and Roku. Season 2 is in development. More information is available here.


Bio is a multi-award winning short movie. It feature Grace Fitzgerald and Patrick Byrnes as a daughter and her biological father, meeting for the first time. It is poignant, challenging and moving all in the space of a few minutes. 

Director: William Morgan
Cast: Grace Fitzgerald, Patrick Byrnes

Glass Ceiling

An interview like no other. Mason is trying find a new CEO for his company. In Samantha he has met his match in more ways than one. This short movie expounds upon the theme of the glass ceiling and the barriers women face gaining access to the hallowed halls of senior management. 

Director: William Morgan
Cast: Gemma Doorly, Patrick Byrnes

Double Denim

Comedy about 3 men from a semi-famous rock band from the 80s. They are asked to reunite the band but have not spoken with their band members since their one hit together. This covers the band members, showing what they've been up to since the band split and how they respond to seeing each other again.