Fergal O'Byrne

An Irish born writer living and working in Copenhagen.

The work

After moving to Copenhagen, O'Byrne met Ian Burns, the Artistic Director of That-Theatre Company. Burns agreed to stage Fergal's entire "Location Trilogy". The first play, Extremophiles, received its world premiere in October 2020 in the Krudttønden Theatre. This will be followed by Rub-a-Dub-Dub in March 2022 at the same venue.                 

His previous stage work has garnered multiple awards, including being a two-time winner of the prestigious Eamon Keane Play Award for A Dragon's Tale (2013) and Extremophiles (2018). The latter play was also shortlisted for the Papatango Award (2018) and the NEWvember Festival (2017). He has also written radio plays for Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE.

Among O'Byrne's work in TV and film includes the sitcom Hipsterverse. He is currently working on a feature movie Exo with OSCAR-winning director Laurits Munch-Petersen. Fergal is also developing a sitcom with SF Studios in Denmark.

 Short films include the award-winning Eyes Wide Open (2017 Silver Screen Award Nevada, Miami, Berlin Festivals) Ribeye (2016 Semi-Finalist PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, Filmbase/RTE Award 2018), Bio (2016 Official Selection Miami, Los Angeles, Antwerp and Dublin Film Festivals) and Glass Ceiling (2014 Quarter-Finalist PAGE International Screenwriting Awards).

O'Byrne's friend and collaborator, the writer/director/producer Liam O'Neill died in 2020, but their comedy short The Spectator has since become a finalist in the Waterford Film Festival.

He has also written four radio plays broadcast by RTE Radio. O'Byrne regularly works alongside friend and collaborator, William Morgan.

Fergal is a member of Danske Dramatikere.

Screenwriting Awards

The images listed to the right are a sample of the script awards won over the last few years for various screen projects.