Fergal speaking at The Irish Embassy

Creative Writing Workshop

Are you interested in immersing your students in the magical world of creative writing with an esteemed writer? This high-octane session will both challenge and entertain your students.

Award-winning writer, Fergal O’Byrne, will facilitate the workshop and use examples from his and other writers' work. The session will focus on the Short Story format and writing for Stage and Screen.

Short story section includes: 

  • Analysis of one of Fergal’s short stories
  • Short story evolution, from idea to completion
  • Discussion of theme, tone, and characterization
  • The opening sentence challenge
  • Students invited to write and discuss a sample paragraph 

Playwriting / Screenwriting section covers: 

  • The differences between a play and a movie
  • Scenes, action and visual storytelling
  • Discussion of scenes from selected plays and movies
  • Students devise an ad for a play/movie


  • Workshop length is approx. 3 hours with a 15 min. break
  • Travel is charged at cost, if outside Greater Copenhagen area
  • All materials are provided, in soft copy, in advance
  • Preferred student number is 25 attendees  

For booking, please contact us specifying your preferred date and time. The workshop can be tailored to suit your specific needs in terms of duration, location, time, date, and number of attendees.

Testimonial - teacher

“Fergal came to talk to my students about his play and we found it extremely useful and engaging. We worked with the script and discussed the origins of his play and also the writing process.”
Birgit Ellegaard Fiig, Engelsk Studievejleder at Ordrup Gymnasium

Testimonial - lecturer

“Fergal gave a lecture to my New Media students at Study Abroad in Scandinavia (DIS) during our core course week in spring 2024.
After his guest lecture, the feedback from the students - all of whom study at universities in the US - was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Without hesitation, I can heartily recommend Fergal as a guest lecture on any topics relating to promotion of artistic works and creating online communities.”
Brendan Sweeney, Lecturer at Study Abroad in Scandinavia (DIS)

Testimonial - teacher

Before going to see his play “Extremophiles” in Krudttønden, Fergal O’Byrne visited us in the classroom and gave 3A an introduction to his play, which was both interesting and captivating. It added something extra to our experience of the play and I will definitely invite Fergal back into my classroom.
Christina Gjermandsen, English teacher at Frederiksborg Gymnasium og HF

Education and Outreach

Treat your students to a fun and educational theatrical experience.

Are you interested in letting your students be immersed in a magical world of theatre with a multi-award-winning actor/director and a writer?

Do you want your students to be challenged to interpret a contemporary English language play in a stimulating, educating and fun environment?

Do you want your students to learn how to interpret a play and then act out some scenes or even write a brief play themselves?

If this is of interest then please sign up to That Theatre Company’s immersive 4-hour, onsite session by an acclaimed director and writer. The package includes access to a full play script and access to free educational materials designed by teachers from Ordrup Gymnasium, specifically relating to this play.

An on-site session with Ian Burns and Fergal O'Byrne will include:

  • Open discussion about the play, its themes and its relevance to our modern lives
  • Workshop with Ian and some of the students who are interested in acting or directing
  • Simultaneous workshop with Fergal about how to conceive, structure and write a modern play
  • Students can then switch sessions as required
  • Presentation of one of the scenes by some of the students under the direction of Ian
  • Discussion about some of the writing themes developed by the students
  • Wrap up session to explain what the students can expect when they visit come in and see the play acted professionally

The fee for the above session include all travel and related expenses (including access to an e-copy of the play to keep for each student) is DKK 5.000 (incl. Moms). That Theatre Company can provide an invoice.

"Before going to see his play “Extremophiles” in Krudttønden, That Theatre Company visited us in the classroom and gave an introduction to the play, which was both interesting and captivating. I will definitely invite them back into my classroom."

Christina Gjermandsen, English teacher at Frederiksborg Gymnasium og HF

 Please contact us if you require further information.



Testimonial - Student

"I have always been interested in storytelling, therefore, I found this school subject and process very inspirational and informative. It has been a great experience which I am very grateful for.
I found the whole process (working with Fergal O’Byrne, his scripts and afterwards seeing the play) very engaging and interesting. I would in every way recommend this inspiring program for other teachers and students!"
Alice, Student, Ordrup Gymnasium