Theatre Plays 

Below is a selection of stage plays performed or in production. Fergal is currently Writer-in-Residence with That Theatre Company. He works closely with actor/director Ian Burns and producer Julian Smith on his trilogy of plays known as The Location Trilogy. He has also worked extensively with actor/director William Morgan producing a number of critically acclaimed plays in Ireland.


This dark comedy is set in the near future when artificial intelligence (A.I.) plays a more interactive and invasive role in our daily lives. 

Three old friends, Bobbi, Neil and Dan, get together, as they always try to do, at least once every year. Bobbi is a very wealthy wholesale meat supplier, who after a serious helicopter accident the previous year, in now reliant on the use of an EXO-Skeleton suit. Neil and Dan have only seen Bobbi in the hospital and not witnessed him fully upright and mobile in this amazing piece of technology. 

To add more spice to the mix, Neil has the latest AI replicant model in his house, called SiSi – effectively a very life-like robot who assists him with a lot of his daily tasks. Their relationship, and the way they address each other, raises eyebrows with Bobbi and Dan. They act more like a husband-and-wife team even though Neil is gay and SiSi is a machine.

Director: Claus Bue

With: Ian Burns, Andrew Jeffers, Sune Svanekier & Nanna Mathilde Viborg Bjelka

World Premier; Copenhagen, March 2022

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Three researchers are stranded in an Antarctic research base and do not know when or if they will be able to return home. They get snippets of news and garbled messages from the outside world. The situation is dire. When hope is ebbing their former Commander, Fiskler, returns. Is he the Messiah come to save them or a coward intent on his own salvation.

Director: Claus Bue

Cast: Sira Stampe, Ian Burns, Benjamin Stender and Michael Worthman. 

World Premier; Copenhagen, October 2020

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Martian Toothache

The play is set in the not too distant future. Mankind has set up colonies on Mars and all is going swimmingly well. At least it seems to be until a strange tooth decay problem hits the planet. There is only one dentist and he is very over worked. There is a suspicion that he is granting favours to those "in the know". Martian Toothache is a biting satire on the politics of cronyism. It is effectively a different planet, but the same shit.World Premiere: March 2022, Krudttønden Theatre