Bookings Open for Creative Writing Workshop

Bookings are now open for Fergal's Creative Writing Workshops.  These are high octane, interactive sessions that will entertain, educate and challenge students, in equal measure. There are only a limited number of available sessions during the term so early booking is advised.

For more information or to make a booking request please email

Nordic English Writing Awards

The Nordic English Writing Awards (NEWA) is a writing competition open to all aspiring writers in the Nordic region. English language fluency is generally very high in these countries and this award seeks to find and promote new voices. NEWA is an opportunity for Nordic voices to be heard in the English language.

Collection of short stories 

Careful What You Wish For ... a new book of short stories is a collection of Fergal's recent award winning writing. The book contains seven recent short stories that are heavily influenced by Fergal’s passion for science and cosmology. Three of the stories have been awarded in the Colm Toibin International Short Story Award and others have garnered accolades including the Alpine Fellowship Award, he John McGahern Award and The Hennessy New Writing Awards.
The book is available to download on Amazon as an ebook - and on Lulu's platform as a hard copy.

The Light

February 2024 saw Casa Dee Productions presenting an evening filled with depth, excitement and humour with The Light featuring Maja Muhlack and Claus Bue. This English language play, written by Fergal O'Byrne and directed by Barry McKenna, explores big topics relating to our humanity and our place in the Universe.

The Light tackles some of the biggest questions in life. Who is God? Why do we exist? Why is there light in the middle of all this endless darkness? And who actually takes responsibility for this light? The show addresses existential questions about the Universe we live in. Will it continue forever or will it be swallowed by a black hole? All these themes are treated with a human perspective and a healthy dose of dark humour.

World premier: The Deer and Rabbits, February 2024.

The Location Trilogy

Thanks to That Theatre Company for making this trilogy happen.

Extremophiles in NYC

After its world premiere in Copenhagen, the play Extremophiles will be read, in public, by Origin Theatre Company, directed by Tim Ruddy. More information is available here


That Theatre Company is proud to present Rub-a-dub-dub – a dark comedy about the endurance of human friendship against a backdrop whereby Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is becoming indispensable in our technological, brave new world.

SiSi is a replicant programmed to tell the truth. She observes the 3 humans in this story and records everything. She can even analyse their biometric data and give hints as to how healthy (or not) they may be. When her owner, Neil, announces that he plans to undergo euthanasia, emotions run high.

This is when “SiSi the observer” becomes “SiSi the participant”, and discovers that to be human you sometimes have to bend the truth.

The future is now.

World Premiere: March 2022, Krudttønden Theatre.

Same Shit, Different Planet

The play is set in the not too distant future. Mankind has set up colonies on Mars and all is going swimmingly well. At least it seems to be until a strange tooth decay problem hits the planet. There is only one dentist and he is very over worked. There is a suspicion that he is granting favours to those "in the know". Martian Toothache is a biting satire on the politics of cronyism. It is effectively a different planet, but the same shit. World Premiere: January 2023, Krudttønden Theatre.

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